* Holds 10 grips.

* Grips & shafts not included.

* Works well with unshafted grips.

* 15.5" in height.

* Fabricated from sturdy 1/8" aluminum.

* CNC milled.

* Extremely rigid construction.

* Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

* Powder coating Available in options menu (Silver Vein Color)

* Raw Finish is offered at a reduced price. We do soften the edges of the material but we are not responsible for damage of paint finishes of shafts or components on Raw Finish Displays.


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  • We are a small custom shop and all items are made to order. We do our best to fabricate our products as quickly as possible but will not sacrifice the quality. Once an order is placed we will notify you of the expected shipping date. Generally depending on the type of order, we will ship in about 2 weeks.